Brinson family

From: Warwick
To: Jan
Subject: Brinson family

Hi Jan,
I am researching our family history and am wondering whether you have any information about the Brinson family who arrived from England on the Clarence in January 1875 and settled in Waipawa. My wife’s grandmother Ada Emma Brinson was born in Waipawa on 22 May 1893, Her father John William Brinson , a coal dealer, married Ada Nelson (formerly Robertson) in Waipawa in 1891. John’s father was Thomas Brinson, a Stablekeeper.
I understand that there is a list of those who had been buried at St Peter’s Anglican Church available and I would welcome advice as to how I may access the list.
My parents lived in Waipukurau from 1959 until about 1967, so I am familiar with Waipuk and Waipawa.
If it is not your job to provide such information please let me know. If you can provide me with any information I am happy to meet the cost or make a donation to the Museum.
Thank you for your help.
Warwick Nicoll

From: Jan
To: Warwick
Subject: Brinson family

Hi Warwick,
I'm afraid I don't have too much information to help you.
I looked up your family's name and found that there is a Clara Helen Brinson 7/8/1958, and John Soudon Brinson 11/8/78 buried in Makaretu cemetry.
The old St Peter's Registers have all been sent up to Napier to the Diosean office attached to the Anglican Catherdral and perhaps if you contact them they will be able to look up details from old registers?
Other than that I have a plan of the old St Peter's churchyard, which tells me that there is a Brinson family plot (no. 103 ) - although it does not tell me any names or even initials of who's buried there
Unfortunately the churchyard fell into a state of disrepair and back in the 70's the Council removed a lot of old broken headstones and so now only a few of the old graves are clearly marked. However a Cairn was built at that time, and names were put on the Cairn of the others known to rest in the church yard.
The cairn is shown on the left side of this photo and is made from river rocks from the Waipawa River.

The names on the Cairn are organised in ten year lots - so unfortunately the dates are not there for individual people of their births and deaths. 
I went down to the old church yard and found there were three Brinsons buried in the family plot.

buried between 1874-1884 were Mary J Brinson, and Alice M Brinson

Buried between 1896-1906 was Thomas Brinson.

This photo shows roughly where the Brinson family plot was.

I will forward your enquiry down to Rosheen at the museum and see if she has any information down there.
I don't know if this helps.
:-) Jan

From: Warwick
To: Jan
Subject: Brinson family

Hi Jan,
Thank you for your prompt reply and for going down to the Church for the photos. Thomas Brinson is one of those who came out on the Clarence.
I will be interested if Rosheen has any further information.

From: Barry
To: Jan
Subject: Brinson Family

Hello Jan,
This is just a "making contact" call.  I have just discovered your amazing website Waipawa.com and felt I had to contact you and compliment you on the contents, which I have printed out and intend to study in greater detail.
My wife and I are planning a trip through Hawkes Bay in March, and it was my intention to call at the CHB Settlers Museum to further my researches into the Brinson family (about which I have already collected a great deal of information through other researches).
I have always known about the Brinson connection with Waipawa. As a boy, living in Napier, I paid frequent visits to my grandparents, who lived (I think) in Kenilworth Street. Later, (as a student learning the organ in Napier) I used to travel by bus every weekend to play the organ for services in St Peter's Church - for which I have very fond memories. (Rev. Matthew Calder was Vicar in those days - so that will give you an idea of how long ago that was!)
I shall contact you again, when the dates of our trip are finalised, and hope I could arrange an appointment at the Museum to peruse the archives.

With kind regards,
Barry Brinson

From: Murray
To: Barry
Subject: Brinson Family

Hi Barry
Jan is away at the moment doing 'Grandmother' duties but I will forward this to her in Auckland. I have also forwarded this to the Curator of the CHB Settlers Museum so that she is aware of your interest and possible visit.

From: Barry
To: Murray
Subject: Brinson Family

Thanks for your reply, Murray.  Nice to know that Jan is still involved in Waipawa affairs and the website is still "active" (There were no dates on any of the articles I read on the website).  I'm intriguied about the "yellow duck".  I'm really looking forward now to visiting Waipawa again.
Kind regards,

From: Jan
To: Barry
Subject: Brinson Family

Hi Barry,
I'm back from Auckland and read your email and it would be really nice to meet you when you come through. I must admit we couldn't find very much information on the early Brinson's here in Waipawa only found their names on the Cairn and I have a map of where people are buried in the old church yard - so took a picture of where they were laid to rest.
I did forward the original email(over a year ago) to Rosheen down at the Museum but unfortunately  at that stage she couldn't find anything on the Brinsons... although Murray did forward your email last week and maybe she's found something in the meantime??? She very good at searching out bits of information.
Yes Rev Calder was a bit before my time - but Mum lived here then so she can remember him - she boarded just over the fence (with her grandfather and Aunt - in the house I now live) and now of course she lives just next door to me - so I get interesting little stories about the vicar and his family , along with other tales of her growing up in Waipawa - and up on Blackburn Ridge.
Anyway it was great to get your email.
I would love to include any info that you pick up in your search - as sometimes it can lead to others seeing it and adding their info too.
:-) Jan

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