Hawkes Bay Today. Thursday, July14, 2005

Town calls to return duck to its perch

Quacking to get Pawa back

Heís been closeted away for almost a year now, with only old sinks and barbed wire for company. But today Pawa the Duck looks set to take his first waddling step back to his former perch as Waipawaís town icon.

BIG ISSUE: Waipawaís been all a
flutter over whether the iconic concrete
duck should be returned to his former
High Street perch. Pictured here with
town dentist and Chamber of
Commerce chairman Stephen Jenkinson.

Stephen Jenkinson, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, proud owners of Pawa, has written to Central Hawkes Bay District Council asking that the 400kg concrete duck be put back in the High Street carpark.

Pawa has been languishing in the backyard of secondhand shop Country Traders since August, when work began to widen High Street.

ìWe would like it to be in a similar location as it was previous to the main street upgrade but further back against the trees.î The letter read.

But Jan Gosling, who created Pawa and his smaller cousin ñcurrently residing in Nellie Jull Park ñsays the ornament Radio Pacific voted the ìmost offensive ornament in New Zealandî should be proudly on display, not hiding away amongst the trees.

ìYou need to have an icon somewhere it is standing proud and is visible, otherwise you might as well not have it.î

The duck, built nine years ago to promote the Waipawa Spring Festival, commemorates the annual duck race, which sees 500 plastic ducks racing down the Waipawa River every October.

Conveniently, the duck was designed to fit on the back of a ute. This allowed it to take part in the Waipukurau Christmas Parade last year.

Mr Jenkinsonís request comes before the Finance and Services Committee today and, feathers crossed, will go before council at the next meeting on August 4.

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