CHB Mail, Tuesday 19 November 1996

Egg watch

LATE last week, more tests and scans were done on the egg said to belong to Pawa the duck. Experts say the chick has been developing at an incredible rate and all indications are that the egg will hatch sooner than expected.

Monitors which record any movement or sound emanating from the end have recorded an increase of activity and a slight tapping on the shell. Experts have updated their original estimates on when the egg will hatch, and now say instead of the egg needing another two week incubation period, that it should hatch within the next week.

In the meantime the care of the egg is still being shared around between the shop-keepers of Waipawa who are displaying the egg in their shop windows so that the public can share in the excitement of this monumental event. It has been reported that some businesses have started up sweepstakes to guess the day and timing of the hatching.