CHB Mail, Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Lest we forget

Sod the duck and I donít mean the acronym. With all the ranting and raving about town icon with heated pros and cons havenít we forgotten that we already have a town icon. One that actually means something and everyone is very proud of ñ the Clock Tower.

Here is an impressive icon that has patriotic significance, identifies the people of our area for which we all have received the benefit, and about which there are numerous photographs and historical references. Its majestic, in a very attractive setting, photographed by tourists, used as a landmark for directions, honoured by young and old, and embodies your heritage.

Plus its already standing. And not likely to be belittled as silly in the media unless, of course, itís a public thrashing youíre after. If you want something to be proud of just take a look down the high street. Why do some feel that we have to have a ëquirkyí icon and follow the lead of fish or carrot or soft drink or pod towns?

The duck is a fairy tale, The Clock Tower is real.

Samantha Sky- Byrne

The duck is fun

The duck has been accepted by Waipawa for some years, so why the discussion?

Please restore the duck to a suitable site.

The clock tower is a sacred memorial. A place of reverence and reflection.

The duck is a fun thing to be laughed at and enjoyed. I cannot understand why it should be controversial.

Ray Couper