CHB Mail, Tuesday, 4 November 2003

Letters to the Editor

I WAS really surprised by the letter from ëConcerned Waipawianí (last week)

It is true there are more serious issues than a big yellow duck, and in our area youth suicide is one of those issues. But being a mother of a seriously depressed teenager myself I actually find the duck a quirky trivia which helps me to have a giggle. It helps me to forget for a little while about why I keep having to check my sonís room fearing what I will find.

It helps me forget and get dragged down wondering how my sonís day is going today and what is really going on in his head.

I was surprised that ëConcernedí did not get the Mayorís quick jibe about arranging counselling session for people upset by the put down of our yellow duck ñeven I knew, with all thatís going on in my familyís life right now, that it was a joke and again it gave me something to laugh about.

I really like our duck and would be sad to see it go, as in this really dark time that I am going through with my son, it has been a beacon of light to show that some humour and fun still exists in this world!

Have a Laugh