Hawkes Bay Today, Friday, May 27, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Just the thing for Waipawa’s duck

If Havelock North does not like its pods could I suggest that they donate one to Waipawa.

During the upgrade of Waipawa’s main street, the famous duck sculpture made by the renowned artist Jan Gosling was taken by crane to a place of safekeeping but the wooden plinth was scrapped.

The local Chamber of Commerce, which commissioned the duck to be built, is saving up for a more artistic mount for the duck.

It could then be prominently displayed so the rest of New Zealand can see that the people of Waipawa are not fools when it comes to purchasing expensive artistic sculpture.

Indeed, we have a keen eye for the beauty of nature expressed in modern sculpture.

Thus the people of Waipawa would love to have one of the Havelock North pods so that we can mount the famous duck above it.

The contented duck’s smile would then symbolise it brooding over its happy future.

The combination of the two sculptures would become even more famous than either of them individually, and those in Havelock North who feel they have been sold the Emperor’s new clothes could be satisfied that their money had been put to good use.

Craig Stuart