Satchwell/Waipawa school

From: Mel
To: Jan
Subject: Satchwell/Waipawa school

Hello Jan,
My Father and his siblings were born in Waipawa and would have started school there.  Would you know where I can obtain details of past pupils of the Waipawa Primary School circa early  1900’s.    My family details are as follows:-
Parents:  William SATCHWELL & Sarah Jane COX
Children:  William Charles SATCHWELL (Bill or Willie) born WAIPAWA 3/11/1896
                    Elizabeth Jane  SATCHWELL (Tiny or Tinny)born WAIPAWA  1899
                    George Edward SATCHWELL (Ted)                born WAIPAWA 16/12/1901
The family moved to Awatuna/Makaka   Taranaki Area circa 1906/1907.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Mel Barlow (nee Satchwell)

From: Jan
To: CHB Settlers Museum
Subject: Satchwell/Waipawa school

Hi again Rosheen,
Here’s that enquiry about Waipawa school that I was telling you about. It is quite early on so if you have the historic records of Waipawa school hopefully we can find the names on the school register
Thanks for your help

From: CHB Settlers Museum
To: Mel
Subject: Satchwell/Waipawa school

Hello Mel

Jan forwarded your enquiry to me and I knew the name was familiar and discovered that we are still holding on file your enquiry from Feb 2001, along with a copy of the Haycock family history [Vera Satchwell].

Sorry to report but NO records for Satchwell on the early Waipawa Schoolregisters [which I hold here at the Museum]. I thought the Te Aute book might throw some light on the situation and then discovered that you had contributed the information anyway!

Sorry not to have been able to help


Rosheen Parker