CHB Mail, Tuesday, November 26, 1996

Wai hatched

The newly hatched Wai son of Pawa and needing a new home.

ON Saturday Pawa egg was removed from public view when increased activity signalled that the egg was about to hatch.

Loud tapping could clearly be heard and the egg could visibly be seen to rock in its soft nest of shredded paper.

The experts who have been monitoring the egg’s development over the last three weeks were called in to make sure that nothing went wrong during this critical period.

There was at one stage extreme worries as to whether the small inhabitant would be strong enough to break through the concrete-like shell, but theses concerns were soon forgotten when at 5.34pm an orange concrete beak broke its way through a small hole in the shell.

By 8.26pm the egg had completely cracked open and those present witnessed the emergence of little Wai (the name given to Pawa’s son).

At present Wai is still being cared for by the retailers of Waipawa who have showered him with hatching gifts, and he can be seen over the next few weeks by the public in their shop windows.

The problem of where Wai will permanently live has still not been solved.

Several members of the public have expressed an interest in providing a home, and there has also been considerable disagreement amongst some of Waipawaís shopkeepers as to where he should be placed.

Therefore it has been decided, that to be fair to everyone, a raffle will be held to find Wai a home where he would be cared for and held in high regard during his formative years.

Tickets for Wai and all his hatching gifts can be purchased from Waipawa retailers.