CHB Mail, Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Letters to the Editor

The Waipawa Duck

When did the duck issue become an either/or issue? The question is not whether to keep the clock tower or the duck, and it never has been, despite some clever work with smoke and mirrors from councillor Kingston and others to try to make this issue of choose one or the other.

The clock is a war memorial. It has an important part in our community, and it always will do. No one has ever challenged that, nor is anyone suggesting to taking away or change its significance (although I do wonder at the expense of lighting it up and I am not sure whether this has been put through the public consultation process, which the council so dearly loves.)

The clock tower is there to remind us of a more sombre part of our history, which the duck appeals to a more joyous part of us.

I have never seen any tourist stop and photograph the clock, while I have seen quite a few stop and take photos of the duck.

The duck was also used as a landmark ‘meet you at the duck’ was a common expression both locals and for out of towners, as it was easy to find.

Let’s not make this an either/or issue.

Why not have both?

Bring back the duck.

T Phillips