CHB Mail, Tuesday, 8 July 1997

Duck goes to school

After several weeks of no sightings of the metre high white duck which has been seen recently around Central Hawkes Bay it was thought that maybe it had succumbed to a duck shooters bullet.

But mid-way through last week the pupils of Oueroa School made an exciting discovery in their swimming pool.

At 8.15am the first exclamation on the discovery was made and soon the whole school was crowded around the swimming pool.

The duck did not appear at all disturbed by the delighted children around him.

He let himself be patted and stroked by them, and even allowed one of the children to sit upon his back for a ride across the pool.

The duck paddled around the pool all day and it was hoped that he had found a permanent home, but early the next morning he was seen flying over the hills leaving a small country school feeling both sad that he had left so soon, and elated that he had chosen their school as a safe refuge.