CHB Mail , Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Council News

A petition was received by council against the reinstatement of Pawa the Duck in the main street of Waipawa.

The petition had 447 signatures, which councillors pointed out was a lot more than the first petition supporting the replacement of the duck, which had 369 signatures.

Mayor Tim Gilbertson said, :The saga of the duck is now over… the next time we see it, it will most likely be at Madge Hunter Park.

The Chamber of Commerce have been given three options – the duck can be placed at the Waipawa swimming baths, Nelly Jull Park, or down by the skateboard ramp and Madge Hunter Park.

The majority of council voted in favour of Madge Hunter Park. Cr Michael Waite said, “I accept the duck has to go somewhere as there is a strong feel for it in the community, but don’t clutter Nelly Jull Park or the pools. Put it in Madge Hunter Park.”

Council will be monitoring it re-establishment.