CHB Mail, Tuesday, 28 October 2003

Letters to the Editor

THERE really is no solution to this duck fiasco, we can write and complain about it, criticize other towns because they have monstrosities too, or just deal with the fact that its there.

Honestly I think itís an eyesore. Iím amazed that no one has already cut it down, but its there and Paul Henry just made it nationwide knowledge.

We do have an ugly duckling, it wasnít meant to be our town icon, letís just say it was left high and dry instead of focusing on more important issues that we are faced with as a community, they want to waste money, by setting up support groups and counselling for this duck that looks like a duckling.

In a recent nationwide study, Central Hawkes Bay has one of the highest suicide rates in NZ, how about setting up support groups and counselling for this sort of thing?

What about our shopping centre, has anybody seen the state it is in? Of course not.
This duck matter is like Mrs Gosling said ìWater off a duckís backî.

Our councillors have made enough poor decisions, letís hope they stop here.

Concerned Waipawian


AFTER reading the letter from ëconcerned animal loversí last week I felt worried.

Poor Pawa. How could she have coped with this lack of water for so long? Being the duck psychologist that I am, I decided to go to Pawa herself and see how she felt.

After hours of listening to Pawaís noisy quacks and watching her fluff her gorgeous yellow plumage I recognized the real problem.

Itís not the lack of water at all ñ in fact, she told me that she regularly went swimming in the river at night (she may have mentioned that she enjoyed frightening eager trout fishermen too)

This issue is, well ñlike water off a duckís back. She doesnít care at all!

What has been making her upset is the murmur that sheís heard ñ that some people in Waipawa donít want her any more.

Sheís finding it hard to keep her head up and watch proudly over her town when she continually hears a few loud voices saying how ugly she is and how sheís got to go.

Once, she was proud of her sleek, golden feathers. But now her confidence has taken a large blow.

I think we should put a stop to this duck bullying.

Pawa is becoming seriously depressed and there is no known cure for such a condition among ducks. I recommend that

Pawa is not taken away, but is left to stay.

If Pawa is taken to a Duck Mental Institution, it is unpredictable what could happen and it is inevitable that she would return ñ but to what?

The opportunities are endless. What would you do if you were openly scorned and put down? Surely you would be a little mad?

Apart from this matter of duck bullying, Pawa is in tip-top shape. Her eyes are bright, her coat shiny and she has no desire to retire yet.

I found Pawa to be a very interesting patient. We are still undertaking extensive counselling for her to overcome her growing inferiority complex which has developed since hearing rumours around town. We are making great progress and I must ask the community to be careful at what they say around Pawa as she has excellent hearing and is very sensitive at the current time.

Sue Daft
Duck Psychologist