Rathbone enquiry

From: Jo
To: Jan
Subject: Rathbone enquiry

I wonder who “Rathbone Maternity Home” was named after ?
My GG Grandmother was Annie Rathbone who married Peter BARRIE both from Waipawa.
I think Annie’s brother was William Rathbone who married Jessie ARROW.
Peter BARRIE was a Justice of Peace, & Trustee & storekeeper in the late 1800’s.
My GGG Grandfather Frederick STURM from the same area…

From: Jan
To: Jo
Subject: Rathbone enquiry

Hi Jo,
I’m afraid I can only answer your question in a limited way.
As you are probably aware the Rathbones were a BIG name in Waipawa’s early days – but unfortunately I cannot find any information about your GG Grandmother Annie.
Her brother, William Rathbone has a little more written about him.
William Rathbone came to New Zealand in 1855 – and arrived in Waipawa in 1859. That year he was appointed as Waipawa’s Postmaster and in 1860 he began his business as a General Merchant. (His shop was situated where New World is now)

In 1869 William Rathbone married Lissie Arrow – 2nd daughter of Henry Arrow, (who was 27 years his junior)

His business flourished and in 1904 he sold his store to his old friend and business partner Fred Kettle and the store became known as ‘Williams and Kettles’.

William died later that year on Christmas Eve.
Lissie Rathbone died on 6th March 1918 leaving a large estate- half of which went to charity.
So bequests from the Lissie Rathbone Trust paid for:-
-Rathbone Maternity Home
-Abbotsford Children’s home
-Waipawa Plunket rooms (along with a bequest from Mrs James Bibby)
-The tower and spire of St Peters Church, Waipawa
– Renovations and enlargement of St Peters church and the stain glass window above the altar.
So to answer your question who is Rathbone Maternity home is named after – it was Lissie Rathbone.
Rathbone home is just over my back fence – only now-a-days it is no longer a maternity home(as it was originally built), nor is it a home for the elderly (as it was in the 1990’s). It is now owned privately and the new owners are turning it into a family home (They must have a VERY big family)
Hope this helps
J Jan