CHB Mail, Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Council news

Duck reinstated

Waipawa’s duck looks to be reinstated at Madge Hunter Park at the Chamber of Commerce’s expense, after a prolonged and vigorous debate between Central Hawkes Bay councillors.

The decision was spurred after council recently received a petition with 369 signatures supporting the Chamber’s wishes to have Pawa the duck, which has been in storage since the Waipawa main street upgrade last year, put back in the public eye.

Strong duck supporter, councillor Terry Kingston has led the debate over the past few months, and was disconcerted with the final decision.

“The duck belongs to the Chamber of Commerce and I believe that they should have been given the opportunity to choose where the duck should go; whether it be Nellie Jull Park, the swimming pool or Madge Hunter Park,” he said.

Councillor Michael Waite argued that the duck would be safer in Madge Hunter Park and there was more space for it.
“To have it at the pools would clutter it unduly.

I think we should compromise. This way, the duck is still visible from the main road. Also this debate needs to come to an end, it has gone on long enough.”

Community Services Manager Steve Thrush will be working with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure the duck is installed properly and safely at the park.

The Duck paraded down the main street of Waipawa last Friday, in preparation for the Hastings Blossom Festival Parade held over the weekend.