Hawkes Bay Today, Wednesday, August 10 2005

Pawa Flies High on Net

Seems its duck season in Waipawa. Punter have been flocking from as far away as Germany and Hong Kong to read about the adventure of Pawa, the townís 400kg concrete icon.

A website set up by Jan Gosling (yes Gosling), the creator of Pawa, has had 15,160 hits in two months and, she says many of those are repeat visitors.

Jan and her son have collected every article, letter and editorial written about the duck ñwhose future is now hanging in the balance.

The Chamber of Commerce has requested Pawa, which has been languishing in a secondhand store for a year, be perched back near its old roost on High Street.

The request has provoked a flurry of controversy in the small town ñsome locals think Pawa (cover your ears, quick!) is a monstrosity, while others demand the duck be returned to its former glory.

IN DEMAND; Jan Gosling with Pawa