CHB Mail, Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Not Ducking the issue

As a Rate Payer in Waipawa, for the last 25 odd years, I have sat back and listened to the comments recently over the past couple of years regarding the ëDuckí that was placed in the main street of Waipawa for the purposes of promoting the duck race of many years ago. After the race had taken place the duck should have been removed to a more satisfactory place eg: the kidís playground.

I read the comment by Mr Terry Kingston suggesting the duck be placed at the pool. I believe this would be a satisfactory position, but if the insistence of it being placed in the main street continues I believe it should be removed altogether and not returned anywhere in the township.

Waipawa has an icon of considerable meaning to the community as Mr Kingston has said, that being the Town Clock Tower. This represents not only the town, but also those people who fell in wars past. This has more right to be made the focal point of Waipawa then any other standing object. Lights on the clock tower as has been suggested and also highlight it in the festival season to make Waipawa stand out and be seen.

I, as a ratepayer would not support the reinstalment of the duck in the main street as is being suggested by Mrs Gosling.

The town needs more of its ratepayers to stand up and support the highlighting of the Clock Tower and what it means to the community.

People who have lived and left Waipawa to other districts or overseas remember the clock tower as the focal point and I donít believe the duck will ever have that memory factor.

Waipawa has lost so much of its heritage over the years, with loss of buildings etc through fire and demolition, with only the one outstanding feature left. The icon that now should stand out and stand tall and proud is the clock tower. We need to attract people from Waipawa not distract.

Other future business developments for the town to bring people here and passers by to stop and shop should be fully supported.

Peter McKenzie