Whiteman Family Te Aute

From: Brenda
To: Jan
Subject: Whiteman /Te Aute

My 2Great Grandfather, Walter Woodhams Whiteman was living at Te Aute during the years 1867 to about 1880. It states in the Cyclopedia of NZ that he set up a saw mill there and several of his children were born there. I have not been able to find any record of his life there. Where would I start?

From: Jan
To: Brenda
Subject: Whiteman /Te Aute

Hi Brenda,

I’m afraid looking for your great great grandfather may bit a bit tricky as I don’t have a lot of information about the Te Aute area.
A year or two back I had an enquiry by a Firth descendant and I found out a little about Samuel Firth in the Te Aute Pukehou history book “The Opening Gate “, but I don’t actually have that book right now as I had borrowed it from one of the locals from up that way. The rest of the info about Samuel and his family has grown from people who read the enquiry on the www.waipawa.com website… and it grew and grew and even brought two branches of a family from England and New Zealand together which was very

I will forward you enquiry down to Rosheen (at CHB Settlers Museum) who may be able to find something for you, and  I’ll also pass it on to one of the Pukehou/Te Aute residents (Hugh) whose family has lived there forever and he might be able to find something or be able to pass you on to someone who might know something…? Its a long shot, but worth a try. Hopefully we’ll find out something.

Fingers crossed
Jan Gosling

PS. If any info does come to light it would be great if you could send it to me to put on the website… then maybe others might see it and add to it. It is surprising how that sometimes happens

Thanks again

From: Hugh
To: Brenda
Subject: Whiteman /Te Aute

The sawmills in the Te Aute district were researched carefully and the results are available in the local history: Opening the Gate. Many people would have worked in these sawmills and we were really only able to find the names of some of the owners. No members of the Whiteman family are buried in the Te Aute cemetery.


From: CHB Settlers Museum
To: Brenda
Subject: Whiteman /Te Aute

Hi Brenda
Jan forwarded your query to me while I was on leave between Xmas & New Year.
Unfortunately, like Hugh & Jan I have drawn a blank and the first reference to Walter Woodhams Whiteman that I can find is him being resident at Wangaehu in the Patea area – nothing earlier. I have exhausted all my resources to no avail.
Sorry not to have shed any light on his time in this area for you.

Best Regards

Rosheen Parker