William (Bill) Jones Enquiry

From: Grant
To: Jan
Subject: William (Bill) Jones

Hi Jan,
Foremost, great website and very informative.
I am trying to locate any old photos and/or information of my grandfather (William (Bill) Jones) who is now deceased but lived in Waipawa for many years. I understand that he was highly regarded by the people in the town,  had a great sense of humour and was an avid rugby supporter ??
Thanks & regards Grant

From: Jan
To: Grant
Subject: William (Bill) Jones

Hi Grant,

I’m glad you enjoyed the website. I have fun trying to find out little bits of information and sometimes find out lots and other times strike out…. and sometimes I have people who live right over on the other side of the world contribute really interesting little snippets which help to make a more complete puzzle of the past….
The CHB Settlers Museum is usually a great source of information and photos too and Rosheen (who is the curator there) helps me out a lot.

I don’t know anything about your grandfather at first glance – but I haven’t had a real chance to look yet.
But it would help if I have a rough indication of dates etc of when he lived here and maybe an address if you know one…?
Did he play rugby? (Supporters can sometimes be on the sidelines and behind the scenes people – or was he on the field?)

I’ll forward your email on to Rosheen and see what she can find out.


From: CHB Settlers Museum
To: Grant
Subject: William (Bill) Jones

Hi Grant

I knew Bill quite well and you are quite correct about him being an avid rugby supporter. There is a little bit about him in the “Waipawa United RFC” 75th jubilee booklet – in the section about supporters it says – “Some were much more vocal than others were and of course Bill Jones, who had a wonderful style of upsetting opposition and supporters alike, heads the list over many years. Bill’s knowledge of the game was immense and he could argue at after-match functions, and if necessary, for weeks afterwards why he was right.”
I am not quite sure but I think Bill was banned from the rugby grounds for a time because of his vocal prowess! He definitely had a great sense of humour and a wicked grin and laugh.
I cannot find any photos of him in the Museum collection but you might like to contact Donna Keir [Roger Jones daughter] who lives at 87 OngaOnga Road.
She may be able to possibly help you out.
Bill’s cemetery record can be viewed on the CHB District Councils database – record number 102781. The site address is chbdc.govt.nz.
Hope this is of some help.


Rosheen Parker