The Dog Show

Well as you can see not everything on my website has to have an historical background.

I’m not sure how long the Dog Show has been coming to Waipawa – but it is a number of years, and it is always good value to go and see.

It happens on the first weekend of March every Year… Rain, Hail, or Shine!

(One lady at the show told me that they have run around rings in ankle deep mud on one occasion, and 40 degrees heat on another!)

On the Friday before the show starts Dog Owners from all over New Zealand come and set up camp in Coronation Park. It is amazing how quickly a few rugby fields can be transformed into a bustling city of tents and caravans – often with the dogs having more luxurious accommodation than their adoring owners.

Now in case you are confused… this is not a dog agility show where dogs run through tunnels and over seesaws… This is a dog beauty show.

The care and time these dog owners put into their dogs is phenomenal!

The dogs are bathed and combed, brushed and shaved… In fact anything that will make the dogs look perfect is done.

And then after the dogs are perfectly made up, and looking gorgeous, many of them are treated like royalty. They have their own little carts to sit on, complete with umbrellas to keep them dry in the rain, or cool in the sun (while their owners have to brave the elements the best they can).

Then once they are all beautiful it’s off into the ring for the show itself.

Caption: first for a run….


Caption: then for a pose…

Caption: Then a check over by the judge….

And then the winner is…

To find this out maybe you should go along yourself and see the beautiful dogs and their owners strutting their stuff?

Remember… The first weekend in March every year, at Coronation Park, Waipawa. See you there!